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We pride ourselves on delivering a one-stop and quality service

GOOGOLPLEX HOSPITALITY is a dedicated & experienced team to manage its operations. We have Business Development to Sales & Marketing team as well as the Operations, Housekeeping, Maintenance and Front Desk Management facilities. We pride ourselves on delivering a one-stop and quality service. Our administration fees and hosting service is designed to keep things simple and ensure that you can get the most value out of your property. It includes 24/7 customer support, guest greeters, professional cleaners.


Hospitality Senior Manager

IVAN CHONG has been a Hotel Operations & Management Practitioners for over nineteen (19) years and graduated from Mandarin Training Centre recognized from the Pacific Southern University USA with a Diploma Hotel, Catering & Tourism Management.

Ivan started his career in a local grown chain of hotels and is exposed to Hotel Operations, Sales & Marketing and cultural differences throughout Malaysia, with the practical know-how of 8 properties nationwide, mainly in the hospitality industry.

Having established himself in the hospitality industry, he has performed in the capacity of a Hospitality Senior Manager that specializes in the spectrums of Hotel Operations, Sales & Marketing, Training and Development, with direct involvement through service and guest experience improvement strategies.

Given his background and experience, he has successfully opened 3 boutique hotels and performing 4 hotels transition process as hotel operators nationwide, and established the policies and procedures as well as the training and development programs that is still in practice till today.

Ivan believes that every individual has a potential within, and developing the potential within oneself will develop an organization in totality.


Business Development Manager

5 years working experience in hospitality industry.

Close 30 units within 2 months.

Achieved average 70% occupancy rate during start up.


Revenue Manager

3 years working experience in Online Travel Agents sales & marketing.

Sales & Marketing functions including OTA marketing strategies.

Experience in handling customer feedback and reconciliation/settlement of sales accounts and report.

Our Core Values

The 7 Dynamic Service

A customized training program focusing on the 7 Core Principles of the hotel, and developing it into 21 Basic Actions moving towards dynamic and service excellence.

Sprit to Serve Program – Marriott Hotels.Resorts.Suites

A soft skills program that consist of 4 main modules that is facilitated as per the required standards of Marriott International to all associates of the hotel. The modules consist of 1.“Exceeding Expectations”, 2.“Excellent Communications”, 3.“In Their Shoes”, 4.“Personal Power”

Essential Supervisory Skills – Marriott Hotels.Resorts.Suites

A soft skills program that consist of 12 main modules that is facilitated as per the required standards of Marriott International to all associates of the hotel. The modules are facilitated from areas of personal development to coaching and teaching till understanding of interviewing techniques.

Winning Customer Through Service

An internally designed and facilitated customer service soft skills program that focuses on the need and essential quality and skills required to maintain quality service standards. The way to win customers by providing quality customer service.

Train The Supervisor Trainer

A “Train the Trainer” program that is designed and facilitated to highlight and provided the necessary tools and materials for internal departmental trainers. Focusing from the basics of room set-up till the essential skills of presentation. An internal 2 day training program that is designed and facilitated to create a consistent service culture across the 13 properties nationwide. The focus is to achieve a service identity for all the Hotels in Malaysia and projecting a consistent customer service standard.

Practical Supervisory Skills

A Supervisory skills training program developed and facilitated for the 13 properties nationwide, with a focus on building the skills of the middle level-management.

Steps to Communicative English

A training program introduced and facilitated in 3 stages for the 13 properties nationwide. The stages of development towards the communicative English consist of 1.Elementary, 2.Intermediate and 3.Advance.

The Successful Training Coordinator

A training program introduced and facilitated for the Human Resources practitioners of the 13 properties nationwide, in order to sharpen the skills as a Training Coordinator in the individual properties.

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